MyBit HQ


The MyBit team's core focus is building technology, not promoting speculation and trading of the native token, MYB. Therefore, if community members are interested in expanding the exchange presence of the MyBit Token (MYB), we encourage them to work together to approach desired exchanges.
Most exchanges have a simply listing process that requires information about the company and the token (all of which can be found throughout this content portal). Exchanges main criteria is community-demand, therefore it is always more effective for the community to approach exchanges rather than a projects core team.
Here are some policies MyBit abides to when dealing with exchanges.
  1. 1.
    Under no circumstances does MyBit pay for exchange listings
  2. 2.
    MyBit NEVER provides liquidity in the form of MYB, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency
  3. 3.
    MyBit NEVER agrees to any terms that require the maintaining of a price floor
  4. 4.
    MyBit does not believe in centralised exchanges; however, we understand that they are the most commonly used and are currently much more user friendly so we accept that MYB may be listed on some of them although we prefer decentralised exchanges.
Here is a master list of cryptocurrency exchanges that MYB can be listed on and we encourage the community to reach out to.