MyBit HQ

General Information

Contract address, supply, algos, allocation, etc. etc.
The MyBit Network is powered by the MyBit Token (MYB). MYB serves as fuel for the network, powering transactional functions within the MyBit SDK and therefore serving a central role across the majority of MyBit dApps and products.
MyBit Tokens are burned as a normal function of the working network similarly to gas on the Ethereum network. MYB can also be staked for voting, exchanged for other tokens, locked when investing in longer term projects through the MyBit Ventures fund, and many more uses.
Token Information
Contract Address: 0x5d60d8d7ef6d37e16ebabc324de3be57f135e0bc
Date Released: July 2017
Initial Maximum Supply: 180,000,000
Current Maximum Supply (as of February 2019): 179,996,750 and continuously reducing
Circulating Supply (as of February 2019): 148,823,774
Type: Ethereum ERC20
Audited by Solidified: here
Legal Analysis: here (unformatted)
Distribution: 15% to team, 10% to Task.Market, 10% for expenses (salaries, services, etc.), 65% to community
Exchanges: Bancor, LAToken, HitBTC, ForkDelta, IDEX