MyBit HQ
Token Distribution
We are building tools to power the future of human collaboration.
Our initial seed level funding round allowed us to expand the scope of our vision and build functional tools to power the new economy. Following a successful initial token distribution in 2017 we put our heads down and began developing technology that enables a more open, collaborative and accessible way of working.
In 2019, we are excited to conduct our second token distribution to enable user acquisition, scalability and full decentralisation of the MyBit project. It’s an especially ideal time following last year’s market movements, and we are focusing this round to attract a truly vested group of early adopters and contributors.
Phase 2 began on Jan 1. 2019 and runs for 365 days. A total of 36.5 million tokens will be distributed with 100,000 being released every 24 hours. Price is determined purely based on demand. 50% of contributed funds are allocated directly to the Task.Market DAO and 50% to the MyBit Foundation.
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