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Throughout 2019 components of the MyBit Ecosystem will be continuously decentralised via the MyBit DAO. Here is a look at our current roadmap as of April 2019.
v0.1 (Q2) Release DAO on main-net. All actions from passed proposals will be manually executed by the MyBit Team.
v0.2 (Q2) Burn Action implemented. This enables any user to vote to burn the stake of another user for not following guidelines or acting maliciously.
v0.3 (Q2) 1,000,000 MYB and an amount of ETH (TBD) will be deposited into the DAO and its usage is up to the full discretion of DAO participants. This will be the second "action" proposal offered on the MyBit DAO.
v0.4-v0.8(Q3-Q4) The MyBit DAO will be integrated with a decentralised workflow application to manage all work resulting from passed proposals. We are currently exploring 3 options.
  • Option 1, turning task.market into this solution.
  • Option 2, using an Aragon module for workflow which is currently in development by another team.
  • Option 3, building a bridge between Aragon and Colony to leverage Colony's decentralised workflow and reputation system.
v0.9 (Q4) All processes automated and products managed by the DAO including workflow, finances, MyBit Go, and MYDAX.
v1.0 (2020) Dissolution of the MyBit Foundation and transfer of all remaining funds and responsibilities to the MyBit DAO.
The end result? MyBit becomes the first Tokenised project to make a full migration to a decentralised autonomous organisation.
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