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For Investors

Normally low-risk and high-yielding alternative investment opportunities are only accessible by the ultra-wealthy. Beyond that there are even laws in place which restrict who can invest by requiring a minimum net worth and value of assets often in the millions.
MyBit goes believes that is terribly wrong and does not benefit society. It creates an environment where the already well off can continue profiting and growing their wealth while those who are not as fortunate in terms of total wealth are left stranded. This has lead to the rapid increases in income disparity across the globe and year over year makes it more difficult to move into the next socio-economic class.
The goal of MyBit Go is to change this by using technology to create an inclusive, equal, and accessible investment marketplace for these low-risk, high-yielding investment opportunities.
In traditional investment models, one must go through a sort of hedge fund that focuses on alternative assets. Joining these is highly restrictive. MyBit Go disrupts this to level the playing field for everyone regardless of wealth or location.
MyBit Go uses Ethereum smart contracts to automate the function of the hedge fund so people can directly invest without going through a broker. In addition to create a fair investment ecosystem for everyone, it pushes more profits back to investors because there is no longer a need for an intermediary fund or broker to facilitate a transaction and take an average of 20% of profits for doing so.
The Process
All that is required is any cryptocurrency supported by Kyber.Network, metamask, and an internet connection.
  1. 1.
    Investors navigate to app.mybit.io which functions similar to a hybrid of a stock investment platform such as e-trade and a crowdfunding platform such as kickstarter.
  2. 2.
    Investors can then search and apply filters to view investment opportunities in specific categories
  3. 3.
    When they find one they are interested in they simply choose the amount they want to invest and click contribute, followed by signing the transaction in metamask.
  4. 4.
    An amount of MYB is also required to invest each time and is burnt (taken out of supply in perpetuity which continuously lowers the supply of MYB). Users do not actually need to hold MYB, Our implementation with Kyber enables any cryptocurrency to be spent and on the back-end, unknown to the user, it is converted to MYB and burnt.
  5. 5.
    That's it! Once the asset is fully funded and installed, investors begin receiving returns in real-time.
Normally assets are listed for 30 days. If the value is not contributed in that time period then funds are automatically returned to investors.
It's that simple!