MyBit HQ

Economic Impacts

Our products all follow a pattern of providing freedom, wealth, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity to everyone.
If we succeed, we will have created a future where people do not need to work to survive. Machines will pay them for work they produce, and if they do decide they want extra income, they can utilise Task.Market and never have to work for someone else, in an office, at specific times ever again. They will have true freedom to work when they want from where they want, and only if they choose to.
This should create a more efficient economy where less time is wasted and more gets completed. It will disrupt traditional company structures and they will be forced to follow our model to remain competitive.
For the average person this creates a future economy where they are in power and have equal opportunities as the 1% of the 1%.
It will also bypass geographic locations and regulating entities may become extraordinarily difficult due to lack of clarity on jurisdictional authority and inability to cease and desist DAOs. Only the future will show us how this will play out, but one thing it will do is create a uniformed and more connected world economy.