MyBit HQ

Introduction to MyBit

MyBit designs products that open up the world, creating tools that enable freedom and wealth generation for everyone. We believe that closed, centrally controlled systems limit our potential as a society, and that truly transparent and open collaboration will power the future.
The MyBit Ecosystem consists of four components: MyBit Ventures, MyBit Applications, Task.Market and the MyBit Token (MYB).
MyBit allows anyone to finance and build blockchain-powered products that will revolutionise and disrupt transaction-based industries.
Developers can leverage open source resources like the MyBit SDK to quickly build, deploy and test new applications on the Ethereum Blockchain..
Entrepreneurs can pitch innovative product ideas to the community, who will vote to award project funding through MyBit Ventures.
Non-Technical Contributors can access Task.Market to get involved and be rewarded financially for their contribution to the development of the MyBit Ecosystem.
The MyBit Community will be fully in charge of the project by the end of 2019 as we transition to a fully decentralised governance structure. That means we will be creating one of the first self-governing co-operative tech projects on the web and create a blueprint for future DAOs. Our community will not only deploy the MyBit Token (MYB) to develop and scale projects, but also stake the tokens to vote on major company decisions and operations.