MyBit HQ

Company Information

MyBit began operations as a Swiss not for profit entity in July 2017. In Q2 2019 we migrated domicile to the Cayman Islands due to the excess costs, bureaucracy, and regulatory/license requirements.
It's founders include: Ian Worrall and Thomas Pollan. Within 6 months of beginning operations, Thomas Pollan was replaced with current-day CTO, Jose Aguinaga, who was more suited for the position.
The MyBit Team (as of Q1 2019) spans several continents with team members from Canada, USA, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, and New Zealand. By not restricting employees to one location MyBit is able to pull the best of the best from a global pool of talent.
Ian Worrall (Founder & CEO) - A veteran to the bitcoin industry who began as a miner and trader in 2013. Soon after moved into blockchain applications to fund MyBit in Switzerland. His background is in Finance and Technology and a previous company of his built the first ever accounting software for Bitcoin in 2013. He believes in the vision of decentralisation above all else.
Jose Aguinaga (CTO) - A web engineer with over 8+ years of experience in javascript related technologies, FinTech development, and software engineering. Jose specialises in cryptography and wealth management solutions.
Konstantin Dmitriev (Designer) - A product designer with a focus on web apps. He has been making cool designy stuff since 2011. He loves working on products and trying to make them easier to understand which the crypto world definitely needs.
Peter Phillips (Solidity Developer) - A developer with five years of experience in data engineering, data visualisation and web app development, who now specialises in Solidity. He was also an early miner of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Cristiano Martins (Front End Developer) - A front end developer and Computer Science graduate with experience from multiple blockchain projects. He now specialises in React while still figuring out how he found his way in.
Rory Davies (Task.Market Admin) - A leader who’s inspired by the power of blockchain to change business and economics. An active member of the MyBit community, he’s now keeping our Telegram in check and overseeing all activities of Task.Market
Daniel Engler (Community Relations) - An IT security professional, avid crypto enthusiast and all around hustler who helps keep order on the MyBit's Telegram channel and overall community.
Task.Market Contributors
MyBit believes in decentralisation and the microtask economy, therefore takes strides to decentralise their workflow and workforce. Anyone can be rewarded financially for contributing to the MyBit ecosystem. There are over 20 active part time contributors from across the globe as of Q1 2019.
Companies we work with
Galileo Collective (Marketing) - Based in NYC, their founders have extensive experience in product marketing, brand messaging, and have worked with entities including: Coca-cola, NFL, Samsung, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Galileo manages MyBit's marketing efforts as of Q1 2019.
Enigma (Privacy) - Engima is a highly-reputable and well known blockchain start up which focuses on securely encrypting data and running applications on top of it. MyBit works with Enigma to extend privacy to public blockchain networks.
Kyber Network (Financial) - Kyber is a well-known blockchain start up endorsed by Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin. Their vision is to make any token usable, anywhere. MyBit works with Kyber to increase token usability so users do not have to hold a specific token to use a decentralised application such as MyBit Go.
OmiseGo (Scaling Solutions) - OmiseGo is also a blockchain start up endorsed by Vitalik. They are the leading developers of Plasma, an Ethereum scaling solution. MyBit currently does not actively develop with OmiseGo but keeps in touch with the progress of Plasma for a planned future integration.
Status.im (Mobile) - Status focuses on the development of mobile tools for decentralised applications with a heavy focus on mobile browsers. MyBit worked with them on OpenBounty, a tool for microtasks.
Gitcoin (Workflow) - Gitcoin is the leading bounties platform. MyBit utilises them to decentralise their workflow.
Bounties Network (Workflow) - Bounties Network is the leading smart contract developer and provider for task marketplaces. MyBit's product, Task.Market, is a layer over bounties network which enables DAOs and other forms of governance to be easily integrated.
Aragon (Governance) - Aragon is the leader in DAOs and governance. MyBit is working with Aragon technology to transition the MyBit Ecosystem into a network of DAOs and also on blockchain-identity concepts.
Blockchain Labs (Services) - Blockchain Labs, based in New Zealand, is a leading service provider for the blockchain industry. They were responsible for a majority of the tech documentation for MyBit products including MyBit Go, MyBit SDK, and Task.Market.
Solidified (Auditing) - Solidified is a decentralised auditing network for smart contracts based in Vancouver. They are MyBit's auditing partner.
Bancor (Financial) - Based in Tel Aviv, Bancor provides a decentralised liquidity network which enables users to easily swap cryptocurrencies. As of Q1 2019, Bancor is implemented with MyBit Go and the main on-ramp to acquiring the MyBit Token (MYB).
Civic (Identity) - Civic is a leader in blockchain-based identity solutions. MyBit uses their KYC and identity tools to verify asset managers on MyBit Go.
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (Organisation) - EEA prides themselves on connecting start ups to the corporate world. As of Q1 2019, MyBit is not highly engaged in the activities of EEA, but as 1 of the first 50 members, they keep an eye on everything going on.
Techemy Capital (Crypto Fund) - Techemy Capital is a leading Blockchain investment fund based in New Zealand. They provide financial and operations advisory to MyBit.
Brave New Coin (Media and Data) - BNC is the industry leader in financial data and pricing APIs. MyBit works with BNC pricing oracles.
0x Protocol (Decentralised Exchange Protocol) - 0x is a leader in providing technology that makes it easy to build DEX's. MyBit utilises 0x for developing MYDAX.